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Wisconsin River Meats Processes Wild Game All Year Round


Wisconsin River Meats offers many varieties of sausage and specialty products available both retail and custom processed. We truly offer something for everyone and we offer varieties for every meal or occasion.

We also make the best tasting wild game sausage in the area. Folks from all over the country bring their meat here to have us make a large variety of our different style sausages...of course landjaegers are still the most popular!

See Venison Cuts

Wild Game

Wisconsin River Meats makes the finest Venison Sausage in the Area. We add both beef and pork to our sausages unlike most other processors who try and cheat taste with just adding lardy pork. We also use all the same recipes as our entire retail store product line so you get the same quality throughout. Want to try some Wild Game Sausage?

Deer Processing Prices

Deer Processing (Skin, Cut, Grind, Wrap, Freeze) We Keep Hide $94.99
Deer Processing (Skin, Cut, Grind, Wrap, Freeze) You Keep Hide $99.99
Deer Processing (Cut, Grind, Wrap, Freeze) brought in already skinned You Give Us Hide    $99.99
Caping for Head Mount (This includes any mount European or Headless Carcass) $20.00
Any Headless Deer with Hide still on $20.00
Venison Disposal Fee (applies to all animals) $5.00
Elk or Moose (Cut, Grind, Wrap, Freeze) $1.00 lb.
Grind any Hamburger/Bulk .75 lb.
Grind and Package Hamburger (1 lb. Packages) $1.00 lb.
Special Handling (boning of cuts or pieces for sausage, cutting of stew meat) .75 lb.
Beef Added to Burger (30%) $2.79 lb.
Pork Added to Burger (30%) $2.79 lb.
NEW!  Adding of Bacon Ends (10%) $2.99 lb.


Venison Sausage Prices

3 lb. Summer Sausage (Regular or Garlic) $2.99 lb.
1.5 lb. Summer Sausage (Regular or Garlic) $3.09 lb.
Landjaegers (Regular or Hot) $3.99 lb.
1.5 lb. Jalapeno / Cheddar Summer Sausage $3.59 lb.
1.5 lb. Cranberry Summer Sausage $3.59 lb.
1.5 lb. Cheddar Summer Sausage $3.49 lb.
Snack Sticks (Regular or Hot) $3.99 lb.
Honey Ham Sticks $3.99 lb.
BBQ Venison Sticks $3.99 lb.
Ring Bologna (Regular or Garlic) $2.99 lb.
Smoked Bratwurst $2.99 lb.
Smoked Polish Bratwurst $2.99 lb.
Smoked Italian Bratwurst $2.99 lb.
Smoked Andoullie Bratwurst $2.99 lb.
Smoked Cheddarwurst $2.99 lb.
Natural Casing Wieners $2.99 lb.
Venison Breakfast Sausage (fresh) 1 lb. packages $2.59 lb.
Venison Italian Pizza Sausage  (fresh) 1 lb. packages $2.59 lb.
Venison Chorizo Sausage (fresh) 1 lb. packages $2.59 lb.
Venison Jerky $5.70 lb.
Dried Venison (sliced in 1 lb packages) $3.99 lb.
Venison Bacon (sliced in 1 lb. Packages) $3.99 lb.
Venison Meatballs (fresh) $3.99 lb.
4 inch Bologna Sandwich Slices 1 lb packages $2.89 lb.
4 inch Summer Sausage Sandwich Slices 1 lb packages                   $2.89 lb.
Venison Gyro Meat (sliced in 1 lb packages) $3.99 lb.


Venison Cuts

As often is the case with deer season, how you want your deer cut up can be confusing. We thought that putting a simple explanation of the standard cuts, with some pictures, might help you when giving your instructions. Besides getting a large amount of sausage made from your deer, you may decide to feed your family with some steaks, chops, roasts and burgers. We cut each deer separately and evaluate the level of damage each carcass has received. Then we read the cutting card you filled out and proceed with the processing. 



All steaks from the deer are sliced from the hind quarters.  They are mostly lean meat, sliced medium to thin steak size (3/4 to 1/2 inch) and have a small round bone.  Wrapped two per package and marked Steaks, these are standard among cuts.



Chops offered are always done boneless.  These are the backstraps or loin.  Usual choices are to leave them whole, or cut in half.  Most people prefer to have us butterfly slice them, medium to thin steak size.  Wrapped four per package and marked Chops or Loin, these are the best steaks available on the animal.



Roasts are offered by specific choice, or by best quality presented.  In an undamaged and clean deer carcass (yeah, right) there are the options of boneless neck roast, two arm roasts, and / or two hind roasts.  On larger deer, sometimes roasts are cut in two.  Each roast is usually cut a standard way and their size sometimes depends on the size of the deer.

Note: If you are not sure if you want roasts, we suggest you don't get them, or ask for "one" of the "best only".  Most roasts end up here in ten months to make more sausage.

Ground Venison

Ground Venison

All the trimmings left over and the general cutting of the deer leaves trim.  Most people want sausage, burger, or both. Tell the person taking the cutting card if you want burger.  Split it up any way you want.  25% trim for burger, the rest for sausage. Or try 10 pounds of burger, the rest landjaegers.  You can say one third this, one that, and one third burger.  We also suggest you have beef or pork added to your ground venison.  This helps kill the dry game taste of ground venison.  We always add one third to our ground venison orders, unless there is a special request.  We never add lard or pure beef tallow, only quality beef or pork.

Wisconsin River Meats takes hunting very seriously. John and Dave are hunters. So are our families and friends. For years we have wrote, edited and printed our own annual deer hunting guides to showcase our products, customer pictures, pricing, processing rules, interesting articles and stories. These previous annual guides are now available online.

Wisconsin River Meats annual deer hunting guides:

Adobe PDF 2007-2008 guide pdf
Adobe PDF 2008-2009 guide pdf
Adobe PDF 2009-2010 guide pdf

Wisconsin River Meats is open extended hours for the Wisconsin Whitetail Hunting Season.

DEER SEASON HOURS - Open Nov.21 - Nov. 29

Open Thanksgiving Day 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Christmas Eve 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Christmas Day - CLOSED
New Years Eve 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
New Years Day - CLOSED

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